Comic Memoirs



Where the Hell Were Your Parents? is a coming-of-age true story about what happens when you let your kids run feral — it’s half Goodfellas, half Stand By Me, and three-quarters Dukes of Hazzard. This comic memoir is an unapologetic romp through the rural South with the Weathington Boys, the most scrumptious delinquents since Huckleberry Finn. Nathan and Brian are identical twin brothers who fight for their lives against gun-toting good ole boys, a sexually aggressive hyena, the FBI, and even Jesus. With a handful of illegal fireworks the boys join forces with the infamous 10-year-old getaway driver Ray ‘Corn Dog’ Womack to form an adolescent version of the A-Team. Years of country chaos ensue, and the boys ultimately find themselves trapped in a high stakes practical joke war. Victory will bring immortality, but one wrong move and they will be taking group showers in a rural Alabama prison.

WINNER of the Bronze Medal for Humor at the 2016 IPPY Awards

What would cause a man to leave his sheltered and conservative home in the rural South to move to the hippie infested left coast of Canada? A woman, obviously.

In his second comic memoir, Nathan realizes that although he could make a homemade grenade as a ten-year-old, he is ill-equipped to handle a personal hygiene debate with cannibals, nude strippers on horseback, giant-scrotumed men in loincloths, or a woman named Moonshadow who aggressively tries to stick coffee up his rectum for no apparent reason.

Follow Nathan’s offbeat and absurd musings as he struggles to make sense of the world outside of Bremen, Georgia.